Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream



Questions and Answers

What is freeze dried ice cream?

Freeze dried ice cream is a unique and innovative treat that undergoes a specialized preservation process called freeze drying. Freeze drying is a special process that removes the water content directly from ice to vapor without passing through a liquid phase under vacuum pressure—a process known as sublimation.

How is freeze dried ice cream different from regular ice cream?

Regular ice cream has to be kept in the freezer to prevent it from melting or spoiling. Freeze dried ice cream is shelf stable - because the removal of moisture, it can also be taken on the go and enjoyed anywhere, anytime without it melting. Freeze dried ice cream is comparable to freeze dried strawberries, it's flavor is more intensely experience because there is no water in the product diluting the flavor profile.

How should freeze dried ice cream be stored?

Store freeze-dried ice cream away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Our packages can be stored unopened for up to 25 years. After opening, ensure the package is tightly resealed after each use to prevent exposure to air and humidity.