Affogato with Freeze Dried Ice Cream

Affogato with Freeze Dried Ice Cream

Rocky Mountain Remix: Affogato with Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Magic

Affogato: that delightful Italian dessert where espresso meets ice cream in a symphony of hot and cold, bitter and sweet. But what if we gave this classic a modern twist? Enter Rocky Mountain Freeze Dry's innovative freeze-dried ice cream! Prepare to be amazed by a next-level affogato experience.

Why Freeze-Dried Ice Cream?

Rocky Mountain Freeze Dry takes gourmet ice cream and transforms it into a delightful, lightweight wonder. Their unique process removes the water content, leaving behind intense flavor and a fun, crunchy texture. This makes them perfect for affogato in several ways:

  • No Scooping Needed: Forget the messy struggle of scooping frozen ice cream. With freeze-dried pieces, simply grab a piece or two, crush, and throw it in your cup.
  • Long-Term Storage: Traditional ice cream requires a freezer. Freeze-dried ice cream, on the other hand, has a much longer shelf life and doesn't need any freezing. Perfect for keeping on hand for a spontaneous affogato craving.
  • Intensified Flavor: The freeze-drying process concentrates the flavors in the ice cream, resulting in an unforgettable taste in every bite.
  • Textural Delight: The combination of hot espresso and the crunchy ice cream pieces creates a textural contrast that elevates the affogato experience.

Rocky Mountain Affogato Recipe:

Here's what you'll need:

  • 1 shot (2 oz) strong espresso, freshly brewed
  • 1/4 cup any flavor Rocky Mountain Freeze-Dried Ice Cream pieces, crushed
  • Whipped cream, for garnish (optional)
  • Chocolate shavings, for garnish (optional)


  1. Brew a strong shot of espresso.
  2. In a heat-resistant glass, add your Rocky Mountain Freeze-Dried Ice Cream pieces.
  3. Slowly pour the hot espresso over the ice cream pieces, allowing them to soften slightly, or pull the shot directly over the crushed ice cream pieces.
  4. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings (optional).

Flavor Twists:

  • Caramel Craving: Drizzle some caramel sauce over the top for a decadent twist.
  • Fruity Fusion: Use flavored espresso, like vanilla or hazelnut, and pair it with a complementary freeze-dried ice cream flavor.
  • Boozy Boost: Add a splash of your favorite liqueur to the espresso for a grown-up affogato.

The Rocky Mountain Freeze Dry affogato is a quick, easy, and incredibly delicious way to enjoy this classic dessert. With its convenience and intensified flavor, it's sure to become your go-to espresso treat!

Tip: Stock up on your favorite Rocky Mountain Freeze-Dried Ice Cream flavors to have a variety of affogato options on hand. Get creative and experiment with your own unique affogato combinations!